Artisan Partners

Artisan Global Discovery Fund

Access to a best ideas portfolio of global small and mid-cap companies poised to grow their profitability and investor returns.

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(%, after fees, returns beyond 1 year are annualised)

 As at 31 May 2021 1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 1 Yr 3 Yrs Inception*
 As at 31 May 2021 Artisan Global Discovery Fund
1 Mth 1.0%
3 Mths 5.4%
6 Mths 5.4%
1 Yr 20.2%
3 Yrs 20.4%
Inception* 22.1%
 As at 31 May 2021 MSCI All Country World SMID Cap Net Index in AUD
1 Mth 1.2%
3 Mths 8.1%
6 Mths 14.7%
1 Yr 30.5%
3 Yrs 10.9%
Inception* 12.9%
 As at 30 June 2020 1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs Inception*
 As at 30 June 2020 Artisan Global Discovery Fund
1 Mth -0.25
3 Mths 15.07
6 Mths 10.30
1 Yr 20.75
2 Yrs 19.31
3 Yrs -
Inception* 22.02
 As at 30 June 2020 MSCI All Country World SMID Cap Net Index in AUD
1 Mth -0.74
3 Mths 9.99
6 Mths -9.44
1 Yr -2.42
2 Yrs 1.14
3 Yrs -
Inception* 6.66

* Inception of the Fund for performance calculation purposes is 1 September 2017 (Based on Artisan Global Discovery Composite in AUD)

**Inception date of Unit Trust is 12/06/2020


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Artisan Global Discovery Fund Facts

Artisan Global Discovery UCITS Fund (Fund)
FUND Manager
Artisan Partners (Growth team)
Responsible Entity/DISTRIBUTOR
Copia Investment Partners
Inception date
June 2020 (Strategy September 2017)
MSCI All Country World SMID Cap Net Index in AUD
To provide a total return of 2% per annum above its benchmark over a rolling five year period, after fees and expenses
Investment time frame
At least 5 years
Number of stocks IN FUND
40 - 60
Investment amounts
• Minimum initial investment: $5,000
• Minimum additional investment: $1,000
• Management fee: 1.20% p.a. of the Artisan Global Discovery Fund’s NAV
• Performance fee: 15.375% above benchmark
Suitable investors
• Investors seeking to diversify their equities exposure with a dedicated small and mid cap global equity strategy
• Investors seeking an active investment approach with an investment horizon of five years or more.
Zenith Recommended
Lonsec Recommended

Unit Prices

Application price1.2622
Net asset value1.259
Withdrawal price1.2559
Effective date16 June 2021
Application price
Net asset value
Withdrawal price
Effective date
23 July 2020


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Copia is seeking to have the Artisan Global Discovery Fund placed on additional Australian platforms. Our platform list will be updated as placements are made.

The Artisan Global Discovery Strategy is now available to Australian investors through the Artisan Global Discovery Fund, offered by Copia.

The Artisan Global Discovery Fund invests exclusively in the Artisan Global Discovery UCITS Fund (Fund) which is a sub-fund of Artisan Partners Global Funds plc. The investment manager of the Fund is Artisan Partners Limited Partnership.

Backed by the investment team’s 20-plus year track record, the Fund invests in companies on the cusp of a compelling profit cycle, as they progress from upstart to a professionally-managed enterprise with strong competitive advantages.

As the Fund typically avoids exposure to the largest companies, it may offer portfolio diversification and complementary exposure if used alongside other ‘large company’ benchmark-aware global equity funds and Australian equity strategies.

40 – 60
‘best idea’ stocks

Small and mid
cap bias

Over 20 years of
Artisan performance